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Greetings dearest friends of Huski
Having completed the recording of the all new Huski album (which is, dare we say it an extravaganza of audiable delight for your delectation), we now need to raise the funds which will enable us to get it mixed with our most favourite of mixing type people, the lovely Grammy winning Mr Simon Gogerly who will make it sound like a real life actual record and everything. 
For this, dear friends, we really need your assistance and us hardworing and enterprising huskies have come up with a practical and exciting way that we can help make this record happen....

We have the pleasure of offering you our "STRANGELOVE" album package, which is available only by pre-order.....

The package will be limited to 100 copies and will include:

* The chance to get your grubby mitts on the album as soon as its pressed

* A second CD featuring 2 tracks that will be available through this package only

* A limited edition DVD of Huski's fabulous "Undatow" video, directed by James Sutton

* A limited edition signed print of the new Huski artwork

* And best of all, contributors will also star in the album artwork itself!!! Just send us your bestest, most favorite picture of yourself with your payment for the package! You should email this splendidly posey picture by JPeg to strangelovepic@huskimusic.com and you will appear in the inlay sleeve of the CD along with your name in the list of credits!!    

* You will also receive a Huski ‘Golden Ticket’ which allows you free entry to Huski shows for one year, just email us before each gig at tickets@huskimusic.com (guest list for each gig limited by venue, so its on a first come first served basis).

* All of these treasures will come presented in a sealed velvet bag made by hand by the huskies themselves (that will be maple busy for sometime to come then....)

As we said this offer will be strictly limited to 100..... Each "STRANGELOVE" package will cost £30 and by buying one you are playing an invaluable role in helping Huski to make this album come to fruition - We can’t do it without you!!!
You can also now pre-order the standard album for £10 and for this we will include your name in our list of album credits.....

(you can buy from their myspace!!)

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