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NEW ALBUM! [17 Jun 2008|05:18pm]

from:   http://www.myspace.com/huskimusic 


Greetings dearest friends of Huski
Having completed the recording of the all new Huski album (which is, dare we say it an extravaganza of audiable delight for your delectation), we now need to raise the funds which will enable us to get it mixed with our most favourite of mixing type people, the lovely Grammy winning Mr Simon Gogerly who will make it sound like a real life actual record and everything. 
For this, dear friends, we really need your assistance and us hardworing and enterprising huskies have come up with a practical and exciting way that we can help make this record happen....

We have the pleasure of offering you our "STRANGELOVE" album package, which is available only by pre-order.....

The package will be limited to 100 copies and will include:

* The chance to get your grubby mitts on the album as soon as its pressed

* A second CD featuring 2 tracks that will be available through this package only

* A limited edition DVD of Huski's fabulous "Undatow" video, directed by James Sutton

* A limited edition signed print of the new Huski artwork

* And best of all, contributors will also star in the album artwork itself!!! Just send us your bestest, most favorite picture of yourself with your payment for the package! You should email this splendidly posey picture by JPeg to strangelovepic@huskimusic.com and you will appear in the inlay sleeve of the CD along with your name in the list of credits!!    

* You will also receive a Huski ‘Golden Ticket’ which allows you free entry to Huski shows for one year, just email us before each gig at tickets@huskimusic.com (guest list for each gig limited by venue, so its on a first come first served basis).

* All of these treasures will come presented in a sealed velvet bag made by hand by the huskies themselves (that will be maple busy for sometime to come then....)

As we said this offer will be strictly limited to 100..... Each "STRANGELOVE" package will cost £30 and by buying one you are playing an invaluable role in helping Huski to make this album come to fruition - We can’t do it without you!!!
You can also now pre-order the standard album for £10 and for this we will include your name in our list of album credits.....

(you can buy from their myspace!!)

1 Love, Peace pain

Huski update! [06 Jun 2008|11:30am]


There are now 2 new songs on their myspace page, tshirts for sale and a 'new' video (for new song Sugar, using lots of other old clips!) and youtube channel!


FACEBOOK! [12 Nov 2007|09:46pm]


Huski are now on facebook!! 
There is an official group set up and run by myself and Jules (the drummer)
Come join the fun,


just to let you know... [18 Aug 2007|11:30am]

there are three new Huski songs up on their myspace!

1 Love, Peace pain

Huski Tour!! [07 Aug 2007|07:40pm]

Huski are supporting Robots in Disguise in the Autumn, at 8 shows!

28 Sep Club 85 Hitchin, London
20 Oct Colloseum, Coventry
23 Oct Barfly, Brighton
25 Oct Islington Academy, London
26 Oct Colchester Arts centre, Colchester
28 Oct Roadhouse, Manchester
29 Oct Princess Charlotte, Leicester
30 Oct Barfly Liverpool, Northwest 

Also...please come and join the Huski forum! www.huskimusic.com/forum 

1 Love, Peace pain

Huski @ 229 [24 Jun 2007|12:09am]

Live at Club 229, London, 21/6/07

By far the best show yet! They were supporting Robots in Disguise...the projections on the larger stage were fantastic, sound was great and they had so much energy they almost exploded off the stage!



a video of the new song, 'Live Like This': 


2 Love, Peace pain

[19 Jun 2007|11:29am]

I'm sure you've all got your grabby little paws on the CD by now, but is anyone interested in buying a copy for £6.50 via paypal?
(psst, feedback here and here)

forum [25 Mar 2007|12:57am]

come and join the Huski forum...we are friendly!


Hannah Daisy xx

2 New Shows Announced [24 Mar 2007|09:23pm]

3rd April - WaterRats
18th April - Tesco Disco


Tesco disco (wed 31st) is postponed, hopefully a new date will be up soon!

Huski photos! [15 Nov 2006|05:58pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Saw Huski again last night at The WaterRats! Ahh what a lovely gig!

Huski were great, Mel came on dressed in a white sparkley dress and no shoes, Pike, Theresa and Jules all looked....exactly the same as usual!!! Oh Theresa had long black socks on...and still looked really sultry. Senseless was a highlight, much rockier live. Their electric drums broke yesterday morning so they had to use normal ones (as you can tell I know nothing about drums!!) This made the songs sound a litttle different from normal, but in a good way! They finished with Front Row Seat which is quickly becoming a favourite too.


6 Love, Peace pain

VOTE HUSKI!! [06 Oct 2006|11:31am]


Vote the beautiful Huski 10/10 so they can make it onto Popworld on the TV!!!!!!


VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! This is Huski's big chance!!!!!

Thank  you,

2 Love, Peace pain

Planet Urtica Video [25 Sep 2006|06:20pm]

I was just wondering whether anyone had the full length version of the video for Planet Urtica or could point me in the direction of where it is? The version on the website just doesn't work for me, it just keeps skipping. I love what James Sutton has done for the video of Undatow, I was just wondering whether he did just as good a job on Planet Urtica!

news! [17 Sep 2006|03:58pm]

  • Huski have 2 more tour dates:

    Oct 19 2006 9:00P
    Blow-Up! Metro London
    Dec 21 2006 9:00P
    Electro GoGo - Madame JoJos London 
  • Huski have a new banner on their myspace, I believe the photo was only taken on thursday!!
  • I also edited the info page for this account!
  • And for anyone interested...I made my own Huski sign!!

(bit wibbly wobbley...but its stuck with sellotape! Oh and credit goes to wclairew as it was her genious idea!)

Hannah xxx

3 Love, Peace pain

Long awaited.. [16 Sep 2006|06:50pm]

I bought my huski cd back at the beginning of August on the Huski site, using paypal, and I still haven't got it. Has anyone else been waiting long for their cd?
1 Love, Peace pain

Videos! [13 Sep 2006|12:25pm]

I have videos up on my myspace! (Click 'videos' under my main picture)

For anyone who doesnt use myspace, and so cant see my list of Huski videos, here are the direct links:

Barfly 17/8/06:

Make me your picture
Front row seat (new song!!)

Stay Beautiful 2/9/06:

Walk the wire
Easy Life

Sorry that some of them are very dark; because of the projections, the lighting is not too great...well it doesn't show up on my videos!

Hannah xxxx
1 Love, Peace pain

website updated! [10 Sep 2006|12:11pm]

I have now put my photos from Stay Beautiful gig up on my site!


and for anyone who uses deviant art, I have a picture on there...:



3 Love, Peace pain

new song!! [07 Sep 2006|04:34pm]

New song up on their myspace called Senseless. It was recorded this morning and put up this afternoon!!!


It will be debuting at their next show.

3 Love, Peace pain

[31 Aug 2006|07:37pm]

so, who is coming to Stay Beautiful then?!


photos from HUSKI @ Camden Barfly 17/8/06 [18 Aug 2006|08:18pm]


photos are all on my site!



videos are on my myspace (click on 'videos' under my main pic)


5 Love, Peace pain

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